MA2 - Intermediate Division Points Leaders

Rank Player From Infinite Rating Events Played Total Points
The Trebuchet The Trebuchet
Will the Thrill Will the Thrill
Sean Castagnoli Sean Castagnoli
Tyler Peterson Tyler Peterson
Jacob Reisch Jacob Reisch
Sean Dietrich Sean Dietrich
Emmanuel Emmanuel
Kristoffer Maglunog Kristoffer Maglunog
Etienne Barnes Etienne Barnes
Petyson Billy Petyson Billy
Logan Missner Logan Missner
Salamander Ray Salamander Ray
Chris Thompson Chris Thompson
NikoSwans NikoSwans
Steve Gonzales Steve Gonzales
Andrew Froreich Andrew Froreich
Ryan Jones Ryan Jones
Cody Yazzie Cody Yazzie
Kameron Kameron
Connor Clark Connor Clark
Devin Montoya Devin Montoya
Daniel Blodgett Daniel Blodgett
Ed Loges Ed Loges
Joshua Rich Joshua Rich
Greg Atenian Greg Atenian
Ross Robarge Ross Robarge
k_orth k_orth
Keegan McGehee Keegan McGehee
Ethan Reab Ethan Reab
Jameson Ayze Jameson Ayze
Tillerman Kroon Tillerman Kroon
Owen Blough Owen Blough
Raymond Wargo Raymond Wargo
Jason Guararra Jason Guararra
Jeff Wallberg Jeff Wallberg
Shadee Willis Shadee Willis
Trent Trent
Andrew Becerra Andrew Becerra
M.Wisnieski M.Wisnieski
Jbeast Jbeast
Noah Walters Noah Walters
Daniel Quezada Daniel Quezada
Joshua Wise Joshua Wise
Jeremy I Ford Jeremy I Ford
Alexander Rosas Alexander Rosas
Isaac Isaac
Cody Ratliff Cody Ratliff

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